Our software development team can create customised software solutions to improve these kind of processes. We can change your paper or excel spreadsheets system into a customised software solution. 

A customised software solution will have several advantages:

  • Show the latest data
  • Control input from the user
  • Automate processes and calculations
  • Backup functionality

Website that we help develop their software : My Wire


Software System

In software development we can be very flexible. We can make desktop software solutions that are run on Windows and Linux.

Besides that we can also make web based software systems.  Depending on the situation Web based software systems can have an advantage. Because they can not only be accessed by desktop and laptop computers but also by mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones.

Development Process

In order to get to the desired end result of a software application we have a simple process.

The first step is to talk with the customer about the process they currently have and how it works.

With this information we will create a proposal which includes requirements, functionality and mock-ups , so you have an idea how the software application is going to look like.

This proposal will go back and forth until the desired result is on paper.

The next step will be building the software application according to the specification and desired functionality.

After the software application is finished we will first do in-house testing because we want to check if everything works according the specification.

When the in-house tests have been successful we will deliver the software.

The customer can work with the software themselves and if any bugs are found they can be reported. We will try our best to fix them as fast as possible.